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Sunday02-Feb-03T-39Broek op Langedijk
Thursday13-Feb-03T-28Car to UK via Belgium

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Thursday06-Mar-03T-7West Thurrock

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South Africa

Thursday13-Mar-03Day 1Kosmos in Hartbeespoort [near Pretoria]
Friday14-Mar-03Day 2Hartbeespoort
Saturday15-Mar-03Day 3Hartbeespoort
Sunday16-Mar-03Day 4Hartbeespoort
Monday17-Mar-03Day 5Letaba [Kruger National Park]
Tuesday18-Mar-03Day 6Letaba [Kruger National Park]
Wednesday19-Mar-03Day 7Oliefants [Kruger National Park]
Thursday20-Mar-03Day 8Skakuza [Kruger National Park]

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Friday21-Mar-03Day 9Mbabane
Saturday22-Mar-03Day 10Mbabane
Saturday22-Mar-03Day 11Tambuti
Sunday23-Mar-03Day 12Tambuti

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South Africa

Monday24-Mar-03Day 13Sodwana Bay
Tuesday25-Mar-03Day 14Sodwana Bay
Wednesday26-Mar-03Day 15Sodwana Bay
Thursday27-Mar-03Day 16Sodwana Bay
Friday28-Mar-03Day 17Umhlanga Rocks [Durban]
Saturday29-Mar-03Day 18Umhlanga [Durban]
Sunday30-Mar-03Day 19Umhlanga [Durban]
Monday31-Mar-03Day 20White Mountain [Drakensberg]
Tuesday01-Apr-03Day 21White Mountain [Drakensberg]
Wednesday02-Apr-03Day 22White Mountain [Drakensberg]
Thursday03-Apr-03Day 23Bloemfontein
Friday04-Apr-03Day 24Colesberg
Saturday05-Apr-03Day 25Tsitsikamer
Sunday06-Apr-03Day 26Knysna
Monday07-Apr-03Day 27Knysna
Tuesday08-Apr-03Day 28Knysna
Wednesday09-Apr-03Day 29Oudtshoorn
Thursday10-Apr-03Day 30Cape Town
Friday11-Apr-03Day 31Cape Town
Saturday12-Apr-03Day 32Cape Town
Monday14-Apr-03Day 33Cape Town
Monday14-Apr-03Day 34Cape Town
Tuesday15-Apr-03Day 35Cape Town
Wednesday16-Apr-03Day 36Somewhere on the road
Thursday17-Apr-03Day 37Fiddler's Creek

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Friday18-Apr-03Day 38Fish River Canyon
Saturday19-Apr-03Day 39Sossusvlei
Sunday20-Apr-03Day 40Sossusvlei
Monday21-Apr-03Day 41Swakopmund
Tuesday22-Apr-03Day 42Swakopmund
Wednesday23-Apr-03Day 43Etosha National Park
Thursday24-Apr-03Day 44Etosha National Park
Friday26-Apr-03Day 45Waterberg

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Sunday27-Apr-03Day 46Somewhere on the road to Maun
Wednesday30-Apr-03Day 49Maun
Thursday01-May-03Day 50Chobe National Park
Friday02-May-03Day 51Chobe National Park

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Sunday04-May-03Day 53Victoria Falls
Sunday04-May-03Day 53Victoria Falls
Monday05-May-03Day 54Victoria Falls
Tuesday06-May-03Day 55Victoria Falls
Wednesday07-May-03Day 56Victoria Falls
Thursday08-May-03Day 57Victoria Falls
Friday09-May-03Day 58Harare
Saturday10-May-03Day 59Harare

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Sunday11-May-03Day 60Somewhere near Lusaka

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Tuesday13-May-03Day 62Border crossing
Tuesday13-May-03Day 62Just past the border crossing
Wednesday14-May-03Day 63Arusha
Thursday15-May-03Day 64Arusha
Friday16-May-03Day 65Serengeti [Seronera Lodge]
Saturday17-May-03Day 66Serengeti [Seronera Lodge]
Sunday18-May-03Day 67Ngorongoro Crater [Hati Lodge]
Tuesday20-May-03Day 68Serengeti [Seronera Lodge]
Tuesday20-May-03Day 69Serengeti [Seronera Lodge]
Wednesday21-May-03Day 70Serengeti [Seronera Lodge]
Thursday22-May-03Day 71Arusha

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Friday23-May-03Day 72Nairobi
Saturday24-May-03Day 73Nairobi
Sunday25-May-03Day 74Khartoum International Airport

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Monday26-May-03Day 75Cairo
Tuesday27-May-03Day 76Cairo
Wednesday28-May-03Day 77Cairo
Thursday29-May-03Day 78Cairo
Friday30-May-03Day 79Train from Cairo to Aswan
Saturday31-May-03Day 80Aswan
Sunday01-Jun-03Day 81Aswan
Monday02-Jun-03Day 82River Nile
Tuesday03-Jun-03Day 83Esna
Wednesday04-Jun-03Day 84Luxor
Thursday05-Jun-03Day 85Luxor
Friday06-Jun-03Day 86Luxor
Saturday07-Jun-03Day 87Bus from Luxor to Hurghada
Sunday08-Jun-03Day 88Hurghada
Monday09-Jun-03Day 89Sharm El-Sheikh
Tuesday10-Jun-03Day 90Sharm El-Sheikh
Wednesday11-Jun-03Day 91Sharm El-Sheikh
Thursday12-Jun-03Day 92Sharm El-Sheikh
Friday13-Jun-03Day 93Sharm El-Sheikh
Saturday14-Jun-03Day 94Sharm El-Sheikh
Sunday15-Jun-03Day 95Sharm El-Sheikh
Monday16-Jun-03Day 96Sharm El-Sheikh

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Tuesday17-Jun-03Day 97Wadi-Musa - Jordan
Wednesday18-Jun-03Day 98Wadi-Musa - Jordan
Thursday19-Jun-03Day 99Amman - Jordan
Friday20-Jun-03Day 100Amman - Jordan
Saturday21-Jun-03Day 101Amman - Jordan

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United Arab Emirates

Sunday22-Jun-03Day 102Dubai
Monday23-Jun-03Day 103Dubai
Tuesday24-Jun-03Day 104Dubai
Wednesday25-Jun-03Day 105Dubai
Thursday26-Jun-03Day 106Somewhere between Dubai and London

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Thursday31-Jul-03Day 141Day 1Ferry crossing
Monday04-Aug-03Day 145Day 5M3 motorway
Wednesday06-Aug-03Day 147Day 7Orcheston [near Stonehenge]
Thursday07-Aug-03Day 148Day 8Near Bath
Friday08-Aug-03Day 149Day 9Ross-on-Wye
Saturday09-Aug-03Day 150Day 10Near Birmingham
Sunday10-Aug-03Day 151Day 11Kenilworth
Wednesday13-Aug-03Day 154Day 14Leigh-on-Sea

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Friday22-Aug-03Day 163Day 23Enniscorthy
Saturday23-Aug-03Day 164Day 24Kilkenny
Sunday24-Aug-03Day 165Day 25Cahir
Monday25-Aug-03Day 166Day 26Cork
Tuesday26-Aug-03Day 167Day 27Cork
Wednesday27-Aug-03Day 168Day 28Kinsale
Thursday28-Aug-03Day 169Day 29Kenmare
Saturday30-Aug-03Day 170Day 30Cahersiveen
Saturday30-Aug-03Day 171Day 31Cahersiveen
Sunday31-Aug-03Day 172Day 32Newcastle West
Monday01-Sep-03Day 173Day 33Bunratty
Tuesday02-Sep-03Day 174Day 34Bunratty
Wednesday03-Sep-03Day 175Day 35Doolin
Thursday04-Sep-03Day 176Day 36Athenry
Friday05-Sep-03Day 177Day 37Celbridge
Saturday06-Sep-03Day 178Day 38Roundwood
Sunday07-Sep-03Day 179Day 39Near Dublin
Monday08-Sep-03Day 180Day 40Kingscourt

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Northern Ireland

Tuesday09-Sep-03Day 181Day 41Anahilt
Wednesday10-Sep-03Day 182Day 42Belfast
Thursday11-Sep-03Day 183Day 43Londonderry
Friday12-Sep-03Day 184Day 44Near Giant's Cuaseway
Saturday13-Sep-03Day 185Day 45Monkstown

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Sunday14-Sep-03Day 186Day 46Near Stranrear
Monday15-Sep-03Day 187Day 47Near Ayr
Tuesday16-Sep-03Day 188Day 48Near Glasgow
Wednesday17-Sep-03Day 189Day 49Glasgow
Thursday18-Sep-03Day 190Day 50Stoke-on-Trent

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Thursday29-Jul-04T-43Train from Shoeburyness to London
Friday03-Sep-04T-11Train from Shoeburyness to London
Tuesday07-Sep-04T-7Train from Shoeburyness to London
Thursday09-Sep-04T-5Train from Shoeburyness to London

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Wednesday15-Sep-04Day 191Day 1Mumbai & Udaipur
Thursday16-Sep-04Day 192Day 2Udaipur
Friday17-Sep-04Day 193Day 3Udaipur
Saturday18-Sep-04Day 194Day 4Udaipur
Sunday19-Sep-04Day 195Day 5Taxi from Udaipur to Jodhpur
Monday20-Sep-04Day 196Day 6Jodhpur
Tuesday21-Sep-04Day 197Day 7Jaisalmer
Wednesday22-Sep-04Day 198Day 8Jaisalmer
Thursday23-Sep-04Day 199Day 9Train from Jaisalmer to Jaipur
Friday24-Sep-04Day 200Day 10Jaipur
Saturday25-Sep-04Day 201Day 11Jaipur
Sunday26-Sep-04Day 202Day 12Sariska Tiger Reserve
Monday27-Sep-04Day 203Day 13Alwar
Tuesday28-Sep-04Day 204Day 14Delhi
Wednesday29-Sep-04Day 205Day 15Delhi
Thursday30-Sep-04Day 206Day 16Delhi
Friday01-Oct-04Day 207Day 17Delhi

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Hong Kong

Saturday02-Oct-04Day 208Day 18Flight from Delhi to Hong Kong
Sunday03-Oct-04Day 209Day 19Hong Kong Island
Monday04-Oct-04Day 210Day 20Hong Kong Island
Tuesday05-Oct-04Day 211Day 21Hong Kong Island
Wednesday06-Oct-04Day 212Day 22Hong Kong Island
Thursday07-Oct-04Day 213Day 23Hong Kong Island

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Friday08-Oct-04Day 214Day 24Flight from Shenzhen to Beijing
Saturday09-Oct-04Day 215Day 25Beijing
Sunday10-Oct-04Day 216Day 26Beijing
Monday11-Oct-04Day 217Day 27Beijing
Tuesday12-Oct-04Day 218Day 28Beijing
Wednesday13-Oct-04Day 219Day 29Beijing
Thursday14-Oct-04Day 220Day 30Beijing
Friday15-Oct-04Day 221Day 31Train to Datong
Saturday16-Oct-04Day 222Day 32Datong
Sunday17-Oct-04Day 223Day 33Datong
Monday18-Oct-04Day 224Day 34Train to Xi'an
Tuesday19-Oct-04Day 225Day 35Xi'an
Wednesday20-Oct-04Day 226Day 36Xi'an
Thursday21-Oct-04Day 227Day 37Train to Chengdu
Friday22-Oct-04Day 228Day 38Chengdu
Saturday23-Oct-04Day 229Day 39Chengdu
Sunday24-Oct-04Day 230Day 40Chengdu
Monday25-Oct-04Day 231Day 41Chengdu
Tuesday26-Oct-04Day 232Day 42Kunming
Wednesday27-Oct-04Day 233Day 43Train from Kunming to Guangzhou
Thursday28-Oct-04Day 234Day 44Kowloon

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Friday29-Oct-04Day 235Day 45Bangkok
Saturday30-Oct-04Day 236Day 46Bangkok
Sunday31-Oct-04Day 237Day 47Bangkok
Monday01-Nov-04Day 238Day 48Bangkok
Tuesday02-Nov-04Day 239Day 49Train from Bangkok to Chumphon
Wednesday03-Nov-04Day 240Day 50Koh Tao
Thursday04-Nov-04Day 241Day 51Koa Tao
Friday05-Nov-04Day 242Day 52Koh Tao
Saturday06-Nov-04Day 243Day 53Koh Tao
Sunday07-Nov-04Day 244Day 54Koh Tao
Monday08-Nov-04Day 245Day 55Koh Tao
Tuesday09-Nov-04Day 246Day 56Koh Tao
Wednesday10-Nov-04Day 247Day 57Koh Lanta
Thursday11-Nov-04Day 248Day 58Koh Lanta
Friday12-Nov-04Day 249Day 59Koh Lanta
Saturday13-Nov-04Day 250Day 60Koh Lanta
Sunday14-Nov-04Day 251Day 61Koh Lanta
Monday15-Nov-04Day 252Day 62Koh Lanta
Tuesday16-Nov-04Day 253Day 63Mariner-1 - Similan Islands
Wednesday17-Nov-04Day 254Day 64Mariner-1 - Similan Islands
Thursday18-Nov-04Day 255Day 65Mariner-1 - Similan Islands
Friday19-Nov-04Day 256Day 66Mariner-1 - Similan Koh Bon
Saturday20-Nov-04Day 257Day 67Khao Lak
Sunday21-Nov-04Day 258Day 68Khao Lak
Monday22-Nov-04Day 259Day 69Train from Surat Thani to Bangkok

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Tuesday23-Nov-04Day 260Day 70Siem Reap
Wednesday24-Nov-04Day 261Day 71Siem Reap
Thursday25-Nov-04Day 262Day 72Siem Reap
Friday26-Nov-04Day 263Day 73Siem Reap
Saturday27-Nov-04Day 264Day 74Phnom Penh
Sunday28-Nov-04Day 265Day 75Phnom Penh

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Monday29-Nov-04Day 266Day 76Train from Bangkok to Surat Thani
Tuesday30-Nov-04Day 267Day 77Khao Lak
Wednesday01-Dec-04Day 268Day 78Khao Lak
Thursday02-Dec-04Day 269Day 79Khao Lak
Friday03-Dec-04Day 270Day 80Khao Lak
Saturday04-Dec-04Day 271Day 81M/V Koragot - Surin Islands
Sunday05-Dec-04Day 272Day 82M/V Koragot - Surin Islands
Monday06-Dec-04Day 273Day 83M/V Koragot - Surin Islands
Tuesday07-Dec-04Day 274Day 84Khao Lak
Wednesday08-Dec-04Day 275Day 85Khao Lak
Thursday09-Dec-04Day 276Day 86Train from Surat Thani to Bangkok
Friday10-Dec-04Day 277Day 87Bangkok
Saturday11-Dec-04Day 278Day 88Bangkok
Sunday12-Dec-04Day 279Day 89Flight from Bangkok to Sydney

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Wednesday05-Jan-05Day 303Day 113Flight from Melbourne to Townsville
Thursday06-Jan-05Day 304Day 114Airlie Beach
Friday07-Jan-05Day 305Day 115Oceania - Great Barrier Reef
Monday10-Jan-05Day 308Day 118Airlie Beach
Tuesday11-Jan-05Day 309Day 119Townsville
Wednesday12-Jan-05Day 310Day 120Townsville
Thursday13-Jan-05Day 311Day 121Tully
Friday14-Jan-05Day 312Day 122Tully
Saturday15-Jan-05Day 313Day 123Innisfail
Sunday16-Jan-05Day 314Day 124Innisfail
Monday17-Jan-05Day 315Day 125Atherton
Tuesday18-Jan-05Day 316Day 126Atherton
Monday24-Jan-05Day 322Day 132Flight from Cairns to Uluru
Tuesday25-Jan-05Day 323Day 133Curtain Springs
Wednesday26-Jan-05Day 324Day 134Perth
Thursday27-Jan-05Day 325Day 135Perth
Friday28-Jan-05Day 326Day 136Perth
Saturday29-Jan-05Day 327Day 137Perth
Sunday30-Jan-05Day 328Day 138Perth
Monday31-Jan-05Day 329Day 139Perth
Tuesday01-Feb-05Day 330Day 140Perth
Wednesday02-Feb-05Day 331Day 141Perth [Fremantle]
Thursday03-Feb-05Day 332Day 142Adelaide [Willunga]
Friday04-Feb-05Day 333Day 143Adelaide [Willunga]
Saturday05-Feb-05Day 334Day 144Mt. Gambier
Sunday06-Feb-05Day 335Day 145Warrnambool
Monday07-Feb-05Day 336Day 146Lorne
Saturday26-Feb-05Day 355Day 165Sydney
Sunday27-Feb-05Day 356Day 166Sydney
Monday28-Feb-05Day 357Day 167Sydney
Tuesday01-Mar-05Day 358Day 168Flight from Sydney to Christchurch

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New Zealand

Wednesday02-Mar-05Day 359Day 169Kaikoura
Thursday03-Mar-05Day 360Day 170Kaikoura
Friday04-Mar-05Day 361Day 171Hanmer Springs
Saturday05-Mar-05Day 362Day 172Hanmer Springs
Sunday06-Mar-05Day 363Day 173Murchison
Monday07-Mar-05Day 364Day 174Murchison
Tuesday08-Mar-05Day 365Day 175Hokitika
Wednesday09-Mar-05Day 366Day 176Ross
Thursday10-Mar-05Day 367Day 177Fox Glacier
Friday11-Mar-05Day 368Day 178Fox Glacier
Saturday12-Mar-05Day 369Day 179Queenstown
Sunday13-Mar-05Day 370Day 180Queenstown
Monday14-Mar-05Day 371Day 181Te Anau
Tuesday15-Mar-05Day 372Day 182Te Anau
Wednesday16-Mar-05Day 373Day 183Milton
Thursday17-Mar-05Day 374Day 184Oamaru
Friday18-Mar-05Day 375Day 185Oamaru
Saturday19-Mar-05Day 376Day 186Christchurch
Sunday20-Mar-05Day 377Day 187Christchurch
Monday21-Mar-05Day 378Day 188Christchurch
Tuesday22-Mar-05Day 379Day 189Wellington
Wednesday23-Mar-05Day 380Day 190Wellington
Thursday24-Mar-05Day 381Day 191Wellington
Friday25-Mar-05Day 382Day 192Te Kuiti
Saturday26-Mar-05Day 383Day 193Rotorua
Sunday27-Mar-05Day 384Day 194Rotorua
Monday28-Mar-05Day 385Day 195Rotorua
Tuesday29-Mar-05Day 386Day 196Auckland

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Wednesday30-Mar-05Day 387Day 197Papeete
Thursday31-Mar-05Day 388Day 198Papeete

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Easter Island

Friday01-Apr-05Day 389Day 199Hanga Roa
Saturday02-Apr-05Day 390Day 200Hanga Roa
Sunday03-Apr-05Day 391Day 201Hanga Roa
Monday04-Apr-05Day 392Day 202Hanga Roa

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Friday01-Apr-05Day 389Day 199Hanga Roa
Saturday02-Apr-05Day 390Day 200Hanga Roa
Sunday03-Apr-05Day 391Day 201Hanga Roa
Monday04-Apr-05Day 392Day 202Hanga Roa

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Thursday07-Apr-05Day 395Day 205Quito
Friday08-Apr-05Day 396Day 206Quito
Saturday09-Apr-05Day 397Day 207Puerto Ayora
Sunday10-Apr-05Day 398Day 208Puerto Ayora
Monday11-Apr-05Day 399Day 209on board NEMO I
Tuesday12-Apr-05Day 400Day 210on board NEMO I
Wednesday13-Apr-05Day 401Day 211on board NEMO I
Thursday14-Apr-05Day 402Day 212on board NEMO I
Friday15-Apr-05Day 403Day 213on board NEMO I
Saturday16-Apr-05Day 404Day 214on board NEMO I
Sunday17-Apr-05Day 405Day 215on board NEMO I
Monday18-Apr-05Day 406Day 216Quito
Tuesday19-Apr-05Day 407Day 217Flight to Miami