England - Round The World Tour 2003 T-14



Thursday 27th February

We temporarily packed up all our stuff today and have headed down to Basingstoke to visit a couple more siblings and their offspring. The journey on the train was uneventful yet comfortable and took us about 2 hours altogether. The only real stress for the day was the fact that nobody appeared to be home at Annie’s house (my other sister) when we called from the train station to let them know we had arrived, and thus had to leave a voice message. After calling back a little later, we were told that they the message was received and that everyone in the house had assumed that someone else would pick up the phone. Yes, it’s going to be an interesting few days here.

Just the odd cough here and there is now all that remains of my cold. As quickly as it came on, it has now passed. It seems that just about everyone in the whole family has been affected by this latest bout of sudden sickness. I was almost never ill in Florida, as memory serves, but always managed to come down with something when I’m visiting the family in England. Perhaps it’s all the running around we do once we are here. We always need a holiday after visiting family – but I mean that in a loving and compassionate way 😉

As has rapidly become the norm, we have no plans for what to do now that we are here. Hopefully, we will get to spend some quality time with the kids for as long as it lasts. That’s the best we could hope for anyway and is certainly a worthy goal.