England - Round The World Tour 2003 T-3



Monday 10th March

This will be my last Travel Journal entry before we actually ‘start travelling’ for real. Technically, of course, we are wanderers already. Having already sold our house, resigned my job, relocated across the pond and now living week to week in whomever’s house we find ourselves, I like to refer to us both as unemployed, homeless, transient bums 🙂 Tonight is our last night at Jacqueline’s house and tomorrow will be our last night in the country before departing for Africa. Dad is now home and well on the way to recovery. He is being treated for a nasty chest infection and is on a regiment of antibiotics and strong painkillers. He will be taking things a little easier for the next few days but is otherwise expected to make a full recovery – although I can’t say the same for the charred carpet in the upstairs guest bedroom 🙂 Still, at least we can all start to breath a little easier again. I really do need a holiday!

Our first foray into the African continent will be easier than for most, for we are so very fortunate to have acquaintances that live there. I spoke with Helen (Corrine’s mother) this evening and have already printed out a rough route to follow from Johannesburg International Airport. We land in Jo’Burg on Thursday at around 10:00am, assuming no delays. After we clear customs and arrange a rental car, it should take us about an hour and a half to reach our first port of call. Let the adventure begin!