Netherlands - Round The World Tour 2003 T-34



Friday 7th February

Sandy’s coughing, yesterday, meant she had to stop work on sanding the stairs. Who had to finish the job? You guessed it!

A lazy day today. Sandy and her mother went out for the morning to the doctor and the dentist. Apparently, a new filling at the dentist would cost €50 per filling without insurance. It would cost us this much in America just for the insurance co-payment alone!

Today I have been experimenting with the new iApps. iDVD and iMovie are great. I put together a nice little movie clip using several photos and the ‘Ken Burns’ effect in iMovie and am currently burning a DVD that I put together with iDVD. Everything is seamless. All the photos and music from iPhoto and iTunes can be chosen straight from iMovie and iDVD. All the applications work together and the results are swift and professional looking. Being able to manage all our digital photos and burning them to a DVD was the prime reason for deciding to bring the laptop with us to begin with.