Netherlands - Round The World Tour 2003 T-35



Thursday 6th February

Every time I visit my mother-in-law, there are invariably some household DIY tasks that need doing and I know that I’m not going to escape until I’ve put my hand to some of them. Not exactly a ‘work for lodging’ arrangement but it does help smooth the flow of things to just get on with doing them. And so today’s DIY tasks are repairing the stairs (they squeak a lot and need painting) and stripping down some old light fittings and hanging some new ones. Sandy is taking on the stairs and I just finished with the lights. With my mother-in-law’s perpetual propensity for continually changing the furniture and other in-house accoutrements, I dare say it won’t be long before new lights will need hanging and other DIY tasks surface again. When we were courting, every time I visited Sandy in Kerkrade, it was like walking into a different house. Either the furniture had changed locations or was different altogether. Since the early days of Sandy and I living together, there’s been a subtle but constant tug-of-war between us. I like stability in how the home is decorated and Sandy does have a little bit of her mother in her. Perhaps we compliment one and other 🙂