Netherlands - Round The World Tour 2003 T-36



Wednesday 5th February

Went to the municipality offices this afternoon to renew my Dutch driver’s license (yes, the saga continues) but, alas, I’m still not yet fully registered as a foreigner with the Dutch Police. Hopefully, this process will complete itself before next week Wednesday, which is when we leave for England. John Ashley has agreed to come across with his car to pick us and out stuff up. This will save us some money, although I will, of course, compensate John Ashley for the trip costs. I’m really looking forward to going to England.

Also spent much of the day at Frank’s flat setting up the desktop Mac computer. Since Patricia isn’t able to receive the computer because of house renovation, Frank is going to look after it in the meantime. I wanted to make sure it had all the latest software updates and to also copy all our digital photos albums from it onto the laptop.

I put the North Holland photos up online also, whilst at Frank’s and exchanged some e-mails with various people. A nice surprise was that a lot of people have given some positive feedback on the travel log that I sent along with update 4 after we came back from Paris. Another good reason to keep the travel log up to date daily 🙂