Netherlands - Round The World Tour 2003 T-48



Friday 24th January

Time for another log entry. I really should get into the habit of writing an entry every day; otherwise I’ll keep forgetting things that we have done.

So, I’m now sitting at the breakfast table at Wil & Detje’s house. Every time we come back to Tilburg to visit family, we almost always stay with Wil & Detje. Very easygoing people and we are always welcome here.

Yesterday we travelled up to Tilburg, stopping off for lunch at Applebee’s in Heerlen. We stopped off at ‘tante Riet’s’ house first (we had some time to kill) to say hello. Then, we went onwards to pick up Brandon & Caxandra (two of Carla’s kids) from the school just around the corner from Wil’s house. The kids were great but it was a little shocking to see just how run down and poorly kept Carla’s house was. She should spend a little more attention on cleaning the house and a lot less time on the computer in the chat rooms. Had a great time with the kids nevertheless.

We also went to see Peter & José yesterday evening. A lot has happened with them in the 6 1/2 years that we have been away. Peter now works as a civil servant at the local prison (and is enjoying every minute of it). José has diabetes and has an insulin pump strapped to her waist. Brigitte is now a grown woman (she was a girl the last time I saw her) and is engaged to a Turkish boy – much to the dismay of Peter & José 🙂

This afternoon, Wil and I went to see a billiards match here in Tilburg. It just so happened that the world champion billiards player was playing.

The weather forecast for the coming week (our trip to Paris) looks pretty grim 🙁 (at least the forecast weather for Holland). Lots of rain and the temperature will fall. We’ll see what happens where we get there.