Netherlands - Round The World Tour 2003 T-54



Saturday 18th January

Finally went to the sauna yesterday. We spent all day at Thermea 2000 and came home completely relaxed. Very little has changed there and it is still a great way to spend a day. Sandy had an extra 20-minute back and shoulder massage.

Later that evening we went to play cards with Dinie and Dré. That was a lot of fun. The new owners of our house came over for a couple of hours. Dine and Dré have built an extension onto the back of the house. It did feel a bit strange playing cards in the extension but, then again, I did sit at my favourite spot at the same old table 🙂

Earlier in the week, we went to visit some old colleagues at debis (T-Systems). We saw Peter Wilmsen & Ron Hermans. Peter practically offered me my old job back. Not much has changed there either.

Good news on the moving company front. We received news that the container will be delivered this coming Monday (January 20th). We cleared out the basement ready to receive everything but I still have reservations about whether or not everything will fit in. In particular, it seems we are going to need to leave some space unfilled to accommodate access to the boiler unit in the basement. We’ll see on Monday what the delivery guys think.

Still thinking about the trip to Paris. It seems that it will be cheaper for us to simply get the train to Achen (Germany) and then the Thalys train to Paris and then to check in to a cheap hotel of youth hostel. Once we have all our stuff stored safely away, we will be able to determine just when it will be best to go to Paris and when we can go and visit everyone else in Holland that we haven’t yet seen.