South Africa - Round The World Tour 2003 Day 18

Unhlanga Rocks

Sunday 30th March

Not a lot happened today as we mostly relaxed here at Dave & Glennis’ house. We drove down to the beachfront early this morning to see a convoy of about twenty-six or so ultralight trikes fly down the coastline and back again near here. Dave was the navigator in one of them with his daughter being the pilot in command. It was quite a sight and we got some good photos that we burned onto a CD to leave with our hosts.

We are off tomorrow morning to the Drakensberg mountain range North West of here. We anticipate spending four to five days in the region, soaking up the atmosphere and scenery. Our route will take us pretty much up, over and back down past Lesotho. Then we head back South towards the Garden Route and finally onto Cape Town. It’s looking like our two week stay in South Africa will last five weeks altogether. But we’ve had a fantastic time so far and I’m sure we will enjoy the remaining couple of weeks also.

It being Sunday today, we both took another Mefloquine (Lariam) anti-malaria tablet again this morning. We are not currently in a Malaria zone any more but we must take them continuously for four weeks after leaving the Malaria zone. This puts us in Namibia and back into the Malaria zone again anyway so there will be no break in the medication for us.

I finally managed to get the ninth instalment of the Travel Update (this journal) out via e-mail to everyone this morning. The computer monitor here has packed up since this morning so I’ve not been able to check for any replies yet. Not having ready access to e-mail is frustrating. I normally respond to e-mails pretty much upon receiving them and I feel like a fish out of water without that luxury. Still, it’s all part of travelling.

Dave and Glenis have been wonderful hosts to us for the past few days and have given us lots of good advice and all sorts of brochures related to the places we will be visiting over the coming weeks. Apart from that, however, they have also both been extremely good company. We will miss them both.