Swaziland - Round The World Tour 2003 Day 10 (part 2)


Saturday 22nd March

On our way to the Big Bend Inn, this morning, we spotted a sign to a B&B and decided to stop and look. The place we were heading for was fairly expensive so it didn’t seem like a bad idea to spend a few minutes examining some other options. I’m so very glad that we did. After a fairly long drive down various back roads through a citrus plantation, we came to a small house and a couple of smaller buildings in a nice surrounding of large trees. The owner arrived just minutes later and greeted us. They run a small guest-house with just three rooms but they are very spacious, have air-conditioning and all have very large, on-suite bathrooms. As an added bonus, the cost of the room was half that of the Big Bend Inn and breakfast is included.

We spent the whole day here, having arrived fairly early, and just spent the past couple of hours mingling with a group of about 40 guests who came for a farewell party for one of the owner’s golf club friends who is leaving Swaziland for good tomorrow. During the evening, we showed off our photos on the laptop and pretty much stole the evening. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic about the high quality and vivid photos that we’ve taken. Everyone thought that the Lion kill was amazing and several people have suggested that we contact National Geographic and some other TV stations to sell the pictures. All agree that we have been so very fortunate to capture so many wonderful photos in the short ten days that we’ve been here.

Tomorrow, we are off to the Mkhaya Game Reserve that is now just a few minutes away by car. The drive will be from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon and we are hoping to get to see the Black Rhino in particular.