Republic of Ireland - Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 163


Friday 22nd August

Once again I’ve allowed myself to lapse a little with keeping the daily journal up to date. We left Leigh-on-Sea several days ago and took Ree-Ree and Shalina to Heathrow airport. We enjoyed their company immensely and Ree-Ree’s predictable tears terminated our time together.

Since then, we’ve spent the past couple of days motoring through England and Wales to Fishguard where we boarded a ferry to Rosslare in Ireland. We weren’t too interested in spending too much time in Southern Wales as we are planning to pass through the supposedly much more picturesque Northern Wales in a few weeks' time. What we did see of it, as we passed through, was green and lush but the weather never really cooperated and so we spent just a couple of days in camp-sites as we travelled farther Westwards.

Arriving in Ireland was a real treat since it is another country we can now add to our list. Technically, this is also true of Wales with the exception that I holidayed in Wales when I was just a kid (physically that is). Our first impressions of Ireland were initially pretty good. The sun came out and the people are very friendly. This positive first impression was tempered, however, with the realisation that Ireland is not a cheap place. Fuel is comparable if not a little higher in price and we have found all the camp-sites that we tried to be pricier than their Welsh and English counterparts. In fact, we gave up on driving even farther than we have done this afternoon in search of camp-sites and have parked along the road in the middle of Enniscorthy. At the going rate of fifteen Euro per night (excluding electricity), I dare say that we may do this more often here in Ireland.