Republic of Ireland - Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 169


Thursday 28th August

This will be a short entry as we did very little today other than a lot of driving. We started off in a camp-site somewhere just South of Kinsale. With very few places of interest to draw us in, we travelled along the coast road in a Westerly direction before turning northwards with the Ring of Kerry being our final destination. We stopped of a couple of times along the way for lunch and to admire the view but otherwise did precious little else.

It’s amazing just how much the weather can influence our mood. Most of the morning was overcast, grey and miserable - accordingly, so were we. The skies only cleared up a bit after we reached as far as Kenmare which will mark the start of our somewhat circular tour of the Ring of Kerry on Ireland’s West coast.

We were going to go into town this evening to try to find a nice little pub where we could sit and listen to traditional Irish musicians practice their music talents but we ended up being so tired, we decided to have an early night instead.