Republic of Ireland - Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 179

Near Dublin

Sunday 7th September

There’s something about sleeping on a cambered surface that is quite frustrating. All around us, we see other, newer, camper-vans that employ various devices for compensating for an uneven footing such as ramps under the wheels, supports that tilt up the corners of the vehicle and so on. No such devices for our twenty five year old dinosaur, however. Even though we’ve been very pleased with the brick, there are a few nice features found in more modern vehicles that I wouldn’t mind having on-board.

Since Powerscourt House & Gardens was going to be the main focus for the day, we wasted little time in setting off to check it out. By the time we arrived, the overcast sky had started to produce some light drizzle but not quite enough to warrant staying inside. Accordingly, we started our tour of the gardens in earnest. Sadly, however, the precipitation slowly thickened and we had to retreat back into the brick after just a few minutes. It would have been a shame to drive so far for just a brief glimpse at the marvellous gardens so we decided to have lunch in the brick and hope for a turn in the weather. Not only is the depressing weather infectious but it also seems to make both of us very tired so it was somewhat of a blessing in disguise that gave us a chance to relax a bit.

After an hour or more of relaxation, the weather improved to the point where we could venture outside again. After a brief tour of the exhibition inside the house, we went out into the gardens and wandered around for a while. The gardens cover quite a large area and are magnificent in their design and appearance. There are several styles of garden represented throughout the grounds including an Italian pond, Greek statues and even a Japanese garden complete with bridges, waterfalls and bamboo.

It was well worth sticking it out for the gardens. They were quite enjoyable but we finally left to head towards another camp-site that was not listed on our map but was very much closer to Dublin than where we were last night. We weren’t all too sure how to get to the main road system from Powerscourt and we eventually ended up going the long way. Although the road we wound up on was the more direct route, as the crow flies, it took us high up over what seemed like a mountain range. The roads were not only very narrow and bumpy (we are used to this now) but so steep that I had to use first gear several times just to maintain a forward momentum. Coming down on the far side of the hills must have put a couple of years onto the brake pads.

We eventually made it here to this camp-site with probably less than a cupful of fuel left in the tank. By the end of our journey, the heavens had opened up and it has rained almost constantly ever since. This continuing deterioration in the weather is starting to put a bit of a damper on the whole trip. The forecast for the next few days is very changeable weather but we are still hoping for the best. I suspect that our time in Scotland will be shorter than the time we’ve spent here in Ireland if the weather continues to become more winter like.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are thinking of leaving the brick here at the camp-site and taking the bus into Dublin for the day. We’ll see how we feel when we wake up.