RTW2 – Stoke-on-Trent, England – Day 190

England – Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 190 Stoke-on-Trent Thursday 18th September I was eager, this morning, to get to an Internet café as soon as possible to try to learn more about the potential contract job in Heerlen. It sounded almost too good to be true and would mean an immediate halt […]

RTW2 – Ferry to Harwich, England – Day 141

England – Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 141 Ferry to Harwich Thursday 31st July There’s no doubt about it, coming home from Africa and the Middle East was not easy. The same feelings of disconnect and not belonging anywhere, which I experienced after returning from America, also hit me again this time around. […]

RTW2 – Orcheston, England – Day 147

England – Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 147 Orcheston Wednesday 6th August The past several days at Annie’s house was a bit of a diversion but still very enjoyable nevertheless. Yesterday, we took the kids to Hampton Court palace for the day. It was like stepping back in time with actors dressed in […]

RTW2 – Near Bath, England – Day 148

England – Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 148 Bath Thursday 7th August We awoke this morning to the familiar sounds of a camp-site as the rest of the campers stirred around us. Kids were running around playing and people were waking up and going about their regular morning rituals. It was all very […]

RTW2 – Leigh-on-Sea, England – Day 154

England – Round The World Tour 2 2003 Day 154 Leigh-on-Sea Wednesday 13th August Today we ticked off another castle, this time Kenilworth castle. We are now starting to become very familiar with the layout of ancient castles as well as a feel for English history. Ironic since history was one of my most loathed […]