Germany Aug 4 Day 7 The trip home

The pace and nature of this morning’s activities was somewhat ritualistic. For the most part, we were on autopilot. We’ve been here before, at the end of a holiday and with only the packing of everything back into the car to keep us occupied. Lethargy had set in after what turned out to me more […]

Germany Aug 3 Day 6 Zurich

A delightfully relaxed start to the morning was on the cards today. Unusually, the entire family was sat at the table together for a cooked breakfast this morning. The plan for today was for me and Jae to drive into Zurich, in neighbouring Switzerland. In so doing, I would notch up my countries-visited count by […]

Germany Aug 2 Day 5 Europapark

My body clock awoke me at around 6am this morning. I don’t know why. I certainly need more sleep. Sandy was already up, but the kids were still asleep. I decided to try to get some more sleep. The next thing I knew, it’s 10am. Job done. No homemade cooked breakfast for us this morning, […]

Germany Aug 1 Day 4 Steinwasen Park

It’s half past ten at night as I begin to write up this blog entry, and my memory of exactly how the day went this morning might be a little hazy. This is a testament to how tired I am. Clearly, I’m going to need a holiday after this holiday is over. I think I […]

Germany Jul 31 Day 3 Europapark

The very first thing I do when I rouse each morning is to switch off my CPAP machine and remove my mask. According to the digital display, I clocked up just 4 hours of sleep last night. That is, if my failing eyes are seeing the numbers correctly. It’s becoming progressively harder for me to […]

Germany Jul 30 Day 2 Legoland

I was one of the first to stir this morning. I had a secret agenda to get everyone ready and on the road by around 8:30. Actually, that was only my secondary goal. My primary one was to achieve the secondary goal by pushing, encouraging, and cajoling as much as I could but without the […]

Germany Jul 29 Day 1 Getting there via Luxembourg

As holidays go, or indeed any other attempt to leave our house, it was rather uncharacteristically restful and stress-free getting away this morning. Was this an omen? A positive sign of things to come? I didn’t dare speak it aloud, of course, for fear of jinxing it, not that I’m superstitious at all. Something typically […]

Germany Jul 28 Day T-1 Preparations

As William Shakespeare wrote in his King Henry V play, it’s ‘once more unto the breach,’ as I yet again dust off my metaphorical writer’s quill for another round of Morgan holiday updates. For the next week, I’ll be writing up the events of our family holiday in my daily blogs. This has been a […]