UK Mar 23 Day 5 – going home

Today is the day we pack up and head back to home soil. It’ll take us all day to complete the journey. As is all too often the case, this was a whirlwind tour back to home base, much of which was a blur given the limited time we had available. This is one of […]

UK Mar 23 Day 4 – Chilling out, but not

It was a slightly later start to the day this morning. I was awake by around 9am. Joey was still slumbering, so I got ready and sneaked out. He wasn’t going to eat anything at the restaurant, so I figured he’d be happy with a bit more sleep. Once again, I swiped an apple and […]

UK Mar 23 Day 3 – Meeting relatives, or not

It was wakey wakey at around 8am this morning. Joey and I both stirred at around the same time. Since Joey didn’t want breakfast, I was the only one who went downstairs this morning for the all-you-can-eat buffet.It was a traditional English breakfast offering, with sausages, eggs, hash browns, bacon, mushrooms, toast, juice, fruit and […]

UK Mar 23 Day 2 – shopping

As is invariably the case when sleeping in a new bed, I woke to some back pain and general all-over discomfort this morning. By and large, however, I slept reasonably well. The young man at reception did come through for me last night with the extension cable, albeit I had to go and remind him. […]

UK Mar 23 Day 1 – getting there and visiting Dad

Preparations for this trip were, if I’m totally honest, practically non-existent. Long gone are the days of planning a trip to within an inch of its life. With a 7am planned departure, I think it was around 10pm last night that I decided it might be a good idea to finally throw a few things […]