Limerick Aug 2008 – Day 1 – getting there

Limerick, Ireland – August 2008Day 1 – getting thereSunday 3rd September We think of ourselves as rather adventurous people by and large. We’ve travelled around the world (and then some) and have been to some far off, exotic destinations. But it’s also true to say that we’ve explored the British Isles extensively too, having travelled […]

Limerick Aug 2008 – Day 6 – Knoppogh Castle

Limerick, Ireland – August 2008Day 6 – Knoppogh CastleFriday 8th August I collected Darren, Nyree, Jasmin & Tony from the airport this morning. Let’s hope their first impressions of the Emerald Isle aren’t confined to the layout of the local shopping centre that Sandy immediately took them to for supplies. Since looking after the kids […]