OZ to FL to UK to NL day 3

Day 3 – Kirsty and Andy Thursday 16th August 2018 I still have high hopes that we’ve kicked the jetlag but given that Sandy and I were both up and on the couch downstairs chatting this morning from around 3am, despite us going to bed before midnight, suggests our body clocks are still a little […]

OZ to FL to UK to NL day 2

Day 2 – settling in Wednesday 15th August 2018 Thanks to the comfortable beds, we all slumbered serenely through the night. I woke up at around 09:00am and gently tried to get everyone else up. If we are to stand a chance at kicking the jetlag, we’ll have to adhere to the local day/night cycle […]

OZ to FL to UK to NL day 1 (part 2)

Day 1 – getting there (part 2) Tuesday 14th August The first flight, despite being the longest at fourteen and a half hours, finished and we emerged relatively unscathed. We deliberately allowed the rest of the plane’s occupants to disembark before we got out of our seats. With a five-hour layover, there didn’t really seem […]