UK Apr May 2022 – Day 8 & 9

This will be a combined blog entry for both yesterday, out final full day, and today, the day of our return home. For the penultimate day, we spent the entire time at Jacky’s house, chilling out in Stevenage. This was an opportunity to sit in one place long enough to reflect on what was a […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 7

We might be on holiday, but my body insists on getting me up early each day. It must be said that being put up in someone else’s house – even when it’s family – can still be stressful for all concerned. It doesn’t matter how welcome we are, we’re still living in someone else’s space. […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 6

Not content to let us back on the road without another hearty meal, John once again turned his cooking skills to good use by making us another signature [nearly] full English breakfast. Well, I say skills, but essentially it was mostly to ‘heat it all up in the oven’, although it was delicious all the […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 5

My body wasn’t in nearly as much pain upon waking up this morning. It was another blissful restful night here in the tranquil setting of mid Wales. Lisa was still slumbering, but Sandy, John and I were up and about relatively early. Sandy wanted me to organise some bread rolls for her breakfast, so John […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 4

As is apt for a relaxing getaway, it was a slow start to the morning. There really wasn’t anything driving us to get up and active, but my human body clock did its thing all the same. I was partially conscious from around 5am, although content to remain in bed for the time being. My […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 3

The plan for today was for me and Sandy to visit John & Lisa in their new house in Wales, where they moved to around seven months ago. However, we are doing so with just the two of us, as we are leaving Jae with Dad and Joey with little Jacky. As such, this will […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 2

Something I neglected to mention yesterday, when I was outlining the reasons for this trip, was a recent series of events in Sandy’s family. The first domino to topple was the passing of Sandy’s father. He was never a significant part of Sandy’s life since she was born, so there wasn’t a real bond for […]

UK Apr May 2022 – Day 1

UK April 2022 – Day 1 – getting there By all accounts, this family excursion was never really supposed to happen. The original plan was for me and Joey to visit the UK for a few days. The idea was to see Dad. His continued march into old age hasn’t abated in recent years. In […]