Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 1 – getting there

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 1 – getting thereFriday 2nd December In times past, any holiday or journey away from home would have been meticulously planned to the nth degree. The route would have been scrutinised and the list of things taken checked and re-checked days prior to departure. Nothing would have been left to chance. […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 2 – lounging around the pool

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 2 – lounging around the poolSaturday 3rd December One of the things I have decided will happen on this holiday is that I will treat it like, well, a real holiday…and…just…relax. That sounds pretty obvious perhaps but the truth is that we rarely spend much time actually relaxing whenever we’re on […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 3 – more nothing

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 3 – more nothingSunday 4th December Ah, the relaxation just keeps on coming here on our third day in Yarrawonga. With yet another slow start to the day (a definite pattern is emerging here), we all just kicked back and let the day unfold. The sun was out in force again […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 4 – the relaxation of fishing

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 4 – the relaxation of fishingMonday 5th December Now that we’re a few days into the holiday, I can feel my internal body clock slowly reverting to its natural state. This is something I’ve observed before – especially whilst we were on our round the world backpacking tour some 12 years […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 5 – fishing and releasing of balloons

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 5 – fishing and the releasing of balloomsTuesday 6th December I’m becoming progressively more rested at the start of each new day. I was, however, woken up this morning somewhat prematurely. Sandy came into the bedroom (she’s always up early with the kids) to wake me up and remind me that […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 6 – exploring Lake Malwala

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 6 – exploring Lake MalwalaWednesday 7th December In a rather uncharacteristic turn of events this morning, I found myself actually getting up before Sandy. It happens. It’s rare, but it does happen. Today being one such occasion, I thought I’d take the kids out for breakfast and let Sandy enjoy a […]

Yarrawonga Dec 2016 – Day 7 – last full day- museums and meals

Yarrawonga – December 2016Day 7 – last full day – museums and mealsThursday 8th December Today is the last full day of this holiday. It’s a surreal feeling. It’s that moment between still wanting to enjoy being on holiday but at the same time slowly thinking of resuming normal life and all that entails. When […]