Europe Jul 2017 – T-1 – pre-departure

Europe – July 2017 T-1 – pre-departure Wednesday 26th July ‘Twas the night before the holiday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…well, Joey was on his iPad, Jennifer was still glued to Youtube and Sandy was busy squeezing more things into the suitcases. For my part, I’m starting to feel the […]

Europe Jul 2017 – T-4 – pre-departure

Europe – July 2017 T-4 – pre-departure Sunday 23rd July After weeks, if not months, of meticulous planning and research, we’re now into the final few days before departure. It remains a surreal, calm-before-the-storm sort of a situation. As we say here in Australia, just four more sleeps. Today I transferred some money onto our […]

Europe Jul 2017 – T-93 – pre-departure

Europe – July 2017 T-93 – pre-departure Wednesday 26th April I dug a hole. If you’re Australian, and thus familiar with that Ozzie movie classic, The Castle, you’ll be familiar with that reference. For everyone else, it means…um…well…Sandy was completely thrilled to hear I booked us into Disneyland Paris for a couple of nights. By […]

Europe Jul 2017 – T-119 – pre-departure

Europe – July 2017 T-119 – pre-departure Friday 31st March A few more minor milestones have been reached in the past few days. Despite all the rigmarole and jumping through hoops to get the passports organised, we finally received the notification from the passport office that all four of our first-time Australia passports have finally […]