Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 1 – the journey

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 1 – the journeyTuesday 28th December The car strained under the weight of all the ‘stuff’ we loaded upon it this morning and we made it all of five minutes down the road before having to turn around to retrieve the inevitable forgotten things – my wallet in this case. […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 2 – time to do nothing

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 2 – time to do nothingWednesday 29th December As is often the case when we’re on holiday or travelling around, we lose track of time. As such it was a surprisingly late finish to the day yesterday and so this morning should really have been a bit of a lie […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 3 – walking through the treetops

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 3 – walking through the treetopsThursday 30th December We had another lovely breakfast at the kitchen area this morning. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t sit down together as a family for breakfast so it’s been nice to do so here on holiday. We had arranged with our neighbours, Mel & Henrik, that […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 4 – a hot day at the beach

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 4 – a hot day at the beachFriday 31st December Just exactly why I was surprised that Jennifer was the first person on the entire camp-site to wake up this morning remains a mystery to me. As it was only six-thirty this time, I figured I could at least try […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 5 – horse riding

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 5 – horse ridingSaturday 1st January (New Year’s Day) As last night was the last of 2010, there were New Year’s Eve celebrations going on over at the cinema, which is really little more than a make-shift screen in front of a natural, open-air amphitheatre. It’s about fifteen paces from […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 6 – Great Ocean Road

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 6 – Great Ocean RoadSunday 2nd January This morning’s method of awakening was via a near world-war-three breakout that erupted between Joey & Jennifer – and far too early at that. From start to ‘everyone within a twelve tent radius is now awake’ took less than five seconds. They apparently […]

Cape Otway Dec 2010 – Day 7 – last day – reflecting on the holiday

Cape Otway – December 2010Day 7 – last day – reflecting on the holidayMonday 3rd January OK, so we arrived home a few short hours ago and we’ve been unpacking, cleaning, washing and generally unwinding from the trip ever since. Between us, we’ve flushed half a ton of dust and dirt down the shower and […]