UK Aug 23 Day 7 – Returning home

I tried my luck one last time at scoring a free breakfast this morning, but it wasn’t to be. This time there were a couple of staff acting as gatekeepers. I went in and had a nice breakfast anyway, but this time I had to pay for the privilege. I wasn’t complaining. After packing this […]

UK Aug 23 Day 6 – My younger brother, Richard

Even though it was [cough] inadvertently free [cough] again this morning, the same hotel breakfast each morning is starting to get a little boring now. Still, it makes for a good start to the day My main mission for this morning was to address the problem of my little brother not having a functional microwave. […]

UK Aug 23 Day 5 – Another West End show

Another day, another free breakfast. Jae was being a little grumpy and slow to get moving this morning, though nothing out of the ordinary for a typical teenager. I had to cajole a little harder than normal, since we had a deadline of 12 O’clock to meet up with Yasmin, one of my many nieces […]

UK Aug 23 Day 4 – Do you hear the people sing?

Something has happened every morning we’ve been here in this hotel so far. Shortly after waking up, Jae has chosen to show their affection for me…by way of a pillow fight. Not with actual pillows, however, but whatever they have on hand at the time, which can be anything from a pair of socks to […]

UK Aug 23 Day 3 – Visiting friends

My body clock apparently still knows I’m on holiday and saw fit to wake me at around 6am this morning. This time, I was determined to fight it on the issue. I decided to do my usual morning rounds on the phone and then roll over and try to go back to sleep. Morning rounds […]

UK Aug 23 Day 2 – Ozzy reunion

It never ceases to amaze me that whenever I’m ‘on holiday’, my body clock always wants to get me up and running at ridiculously early hours – even though I have no commitments and nowhere to go for hours. You’d think that my body would crave – even be grateful for – the opportunity to […]

UK Aug 23 Day 1 – Getting there & hopping

A brief jaunt over to the UK from Holland for a few days is something that I’ve done so many times before, that I could practically complete the entire trip on autopilot. I call it a trip, as opposed to a holiday, as these types of getaways are never really relaxing. We tend to spend […]