Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 1 – part 1 – getting there and settling in

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 1 (part 1) – getting there and settling inSaturday 14nd September I once again find myself sat on a plane heading off to somewhere new and cracking open the laptop to commence with another series of blog entries. I can’t remember the last time we went on holiday and I […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 1 – part 2 – relaxing on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 1 (part 2) – relaxing on the Goal CoastSaturday 14nd September So, Sandy and the kids eventually came back and we pottered around for a bit before heading out to explore the Gold Coast. When I spoke to the woman at reception at check-in earlier, she was telling me that […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 2 – Movieworld

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 2 – MovieworldSunday 15th September I was fortunate enough to awaken at least somewhat relaxed this morning, although being in a different bed is always something of a challenge to someone of my, ahem, physique shall we say? Sadly, the same could not be said for Sandy, who felt the […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 3 – photo shoot & mini golf

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 3 – photo shoot & mini golfMonday 16th September By our normal holiday standards, today was always going to be a very relaxing and rather un-energetic day. There were no theme parks or any other energy-sapping activities on the agenda for today. As an anniversary gift for my darling wife […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 4 – Seaworld

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 4 – SeaworldTuesday 17th September Today was a good day overall, which was fitting given that today is also our 25th wedding anniversary – this time in celebration of the day that we got married in the church, as opposed to yesterday’s celebration of getting married in the registry office. […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 5 – Dreamworld

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 5 – DreamworldWednesday 18th September I’d have to say that it was a rocky start to the day this morning. Various contributing factors were at play here but suffice to say that it was well into the morning before things had settled down and we were all back into our […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 6 – White Water & Dreamworld

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 6 – White Water & DreamworldThursday 19th September I got up this morning and had the extreme pleasure of welcoming another child to another year older. My little girl is steadily becoming less little and has now reached the ripe old age of 7. Happy Birthday Jennifer :-)The Ashmore Palms […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 7 – Seaworld and the dolphin encounter

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 7 – Seaworld and the dolphin encounterFriday 20th September With this our last full day of the holiday, we had decided to go back to Seaworld again but specifically for the purpose of doing the dolphin feeding for children with special needs. Sandy had arranged this yesterday and it would […]

Gold Coast Sep 2013 – Day 8 – heading home and final reflections

Gold Coast – September 2013Day 8 – Heading home and final reflectionsFriday 21st September Today being the day that we finally leave the heat of the Gold Coast and head back to more familiar climes, I thought I’d spend a few minutes reflecting on the holiday as a whole. We did have a few hours […]