Kent Apr 2008 – Day 2 – Camber Sands

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 2 – Camber SandsMonday 28th April Despite the kids settling in well last night, Sandy’s sleep was cut short this morning when at around five in the morning Jennifer started a fit of coughing and Calvin fell out of his bed and ended up trying to sleep under his sister’s […]

Kent Apr 2008 – Day 3 – Dover Castle

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 3 – Dover CastleTuesday 29th April Since Sandy was up half the night last night with Jennifer, it seemed appropriate that it would be me this time around should the need arise. Sure enough, come 3 in the morning, Jennifer was up again with another fit of coughing. Sandy already […]

Kent Apr 2008 – Day 4 – Ruckinge Village

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 4 – Ruckinge VillageWednesday 30th April We got the best night’s sleep yet last night. Jennifer murmured a bit at around stupid o’clock but went off again shortly thereafter – bliss! Sandy took care of the ‘early shift’ as normal, whilst I got some more sleep in but we swapped […]

Kent Apr 2008 – Day 5 – Dickens World & Upnor Catle

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 5 – Dickens World & Upnor CastleThursday 1st May A timely nudge in the ribs this morning was my signal to get up with the kids. It doesn’t happen that often so when Sandy indicates to me that she wants me to get up first, it usually means that she’s […]

Kent Apr 2008 – Day 6 – Bayam Abbey, Bodiam Castle & Rare Breed Centre

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 6 – Bayam Abbey, Bodiam Castle & Rare Breed CentreFriday 2nd May With the weather just getting better, it was clear that a full day on the road of exploration awaited us this morning. We were all fed, dressed, packed and ready to go slightly earlier than usual this morning. […]

Kent Apr 2008 – Day 7 – Warner & Deal Castle

Kent, UK – April 2008Day 7 – Warner & Deal CastleSaturday 3rd May After the now usual morning ritual of tending the kids and getting them fed and dressed ready for the day, we set off Westward in our continuation of the English Heritage trail of castles. Warner castle & grounds was first up and […]