Florida – September 2008

Day 31 – Jax to London – last day

Wednesday 22nd October

Well, it’s all over now and we’re finally safely back in the UK in the comfort of our own home. We both have very mixed feelings about being back home. In truth, we could have done with another couple of weeks at least. At the end of the day, however, the holiday had to come to an end eventually and, truth be told, we were running out of money (not to mention things to shop for).

I’d honestly have to say that this was hands-down the very best holiday we’ve ever been on. The weather was perfect, the food great, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we, despite having completed a truly epic marathon of theme park visits in quick succession with two small children, managed to truly relax and enjoy ourselves. With a couple of exceptions, we got to see everyone that we wanted to see and caught up with friends, neighbours and ex-colleagues that we’ve missed over the past five years since we left Florida for good.

Several people suggested that we consider the option of returning to Florida to live and work and, I have to say, this is a very tempting idea. The truth is, however, that we’re dead set on making Melbourne, Australia our next great adventure and we’re working hard towards that goal. We’ll definitely return to Florida again for another holiday, that’s for sure – hopefully when the kids are old enough to actually remember the trip this time. When that time comes, I wonder if it will be Florida or us that will have changed the most.