Around The World with the Morgan family

Over the course of a couple of years, Sandy and I back-packed around the world on a grand tour. Whilst on the road, I wrote up a travel journal at the end of each day. Once we settled down and had kids, I continued the tradition of writing up the day’s events on all the family holidays we’ve taken.

This web-site showcases all the blog entries and photos from our travels. The various region maps below depict those places we’ve been to for which blog entries exist.

Most recent holiday blog.

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RTW tour

Click the maps below to chart our progress on the three legs of our Round The World global travels.

Check out the daily itinerary here.

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Africa & the Middle East

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UK & Western Europe

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India & South East Asia

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South America

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China & Hong Kong

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United States of America

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Countries traveled to…so far

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Australia | Belgium | Botswana | Cambodia | Chile | China | Dubai | Easter Island | Ecuador | Egypt | England | France | Galapagos Islands | Germany | Grand Cayman | Hong Kong | India | Ireland, Northern | Ireland, Republic of | Italy | Jamaica | Kenya | Luxembourg | Malaysia | Mexico | Monaco | Namibia | Netherlands | New Zealand | Scotland | South Africa | Spain | Sudan | Swaziland | Switzerland | Tahiti | Tanzania | Thailand | United Arab Emirates | United Stated of America | Zambia | Zimbabwe

US states visited…so far

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California | Nevada | Texas | Illinois | Indiana | Ohio | South Carolina | Georgia | Florida | New Jersey | New York | Rhode Island | Massachusetts